Rad Racer (NES/Famicom)

Score: 37,174
World Ranking: 7
Scored By: S.BAZ (BAZ)
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Rad Racer 37,174 points
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You defenitly know how to play this game better then myself.

-- Posted by thedarkbanshee on 2014-06-28 00:01:14   Reply
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Well the votes are in you cracked my score. I will revisit this. Trust me I shall get good at this game. Count on it.

-- Posted by thedarkbanshee on 2014-07-06 01:50:11   Reply
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nice.  i think it's all about using the breaks.  I got a lot farther when I started using them a lot.  I think I can get about 60k if I have a good run.  there's a level that i have a really hard time with & never made it past. 

-- Posted by S.BAZ on 2014-07-06 19:06:55   Reply