Tetris (NES/Famicom)

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Tetris 232,598 points
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great score! I have my own rating system for Tetris & consider 200+K to be an expert score. (I consider 500K as the barrier to break for "Master" status.. I've come within a few thousand but have never broken it yet. I think there is one last weakness to overcome in my game & have been trying to figure out what it is for 20yrs!)
-- Posted by S.BAZ on 2013-12-09 20:00:18   Reply
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Growing up playing this game i considered level 10 the top level and usually stopped playing i had no idea till after i graduated HS that it went up much higher then that...i can only top level 17 at best.
-- Posted by NESMike on 2013-12-10 05:43:50   Reply