B-Wings (NES/Famicom Emulated)

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B-Wings 40,090 points
B-Wings 40,090 points
B-Wings 40,090 points
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Played on the MyArcade "Pixel Classic" 8-bit dedicated handheld.

I would strongly recommend not buying any of these MyArcade handhelds at retail, unless you just would like to collect them to have more cool looking stuff.

MyArcade is just yet another name for the company which was previously called DreamGear, and has been continuously re-releasing the same batch of largely unplayable crap games under different company names since 2001 if not earlier.  This one has a NES emulator and a handful of licensed Data East NES games, but beyond that it just has loads of garbage games.  Many of these games I already had on the DreamGear 50-in-1.

The Pixel Classic feels like it's got nothing inside of it.  Also, it can't be charged but requires 4 AA batteries which presumably wouldn't last very long, but I was unable to find out because the device actually stopped working after just over 1 hour of gameplay!  I returned it to Wal*Mart.  Very disappointing.

Just to be fair, I did like how it looks.  The screen is very nice & bright.  Also it didn't cost much (I think it was $23.88).  So I guess if you're travelling and don't have a handheld this would at least provide you with 9 or 10 NES games.  Pack some batteries.   :/


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