Score: 946,000
World Ranking: 1
Scored By: kri5bell
92% Legit
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Tetris Ultimate: Marathon [Endless Off] 946,000 points
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That's... Tetris DS, isn't it? Bloody amazing score, but I worry it might be in the wrong game category.

-- Posted by Akito01 on 2015-02-26 21:51:58   Reply
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Yep, this is Tetris DS. This score should actually get deleted.

-- Posted by nick666101 on 2015-05-19 02:18:34   Reply
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Oh no! I posted the wrong picture. I will work on correcting this. Thanks for the heads up. I play so many verions of TETRIS guess I messed up. Sorry. Again thanks for letting me know.

-- Posted by kri5bell on 2015-06-01 15:14:36   Reply
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no problem.

-- Posted by nick666101 on 2015-06-01 15:16:21   Reply
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I might also work on beating that high score to clear the mistake... if it cant be deleted. hehe should be fun

-- Posted by kri5bell on 2015-06-01 15:23:02   Reply