Super Ghouls N Ghosts (SNES/Super Famicom)

Score: 83,100
World Ranking: 4
Scored By: Akito01 (GRF)
96% Legit
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Super Ghouls N Ghosts 83,100 points
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The rust is real -I ended up dying on this level by deliberately falling down a pit because I thought that was the way forward. Thankfully I learned from an earlier run that the game doesn't show your score on the game over screen, so I took this image at the start of the level. 

-- Posted by Akito01 on 2014-12-23 17:47:49   Reply
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Great score dude!! Its a great game, I'm slowly remembering the levels as I play, and slowly getting better at each of them, the ghost ship level still eats away my lives though. Is this a rare ntsc game? Pal is €50 cib at the least
-- Posted by Fr0st on 2014-12-27 10:42:06   Reply
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I can definitely say that the NTSC cart is not especially rare. I think the naked cart typically goes for around $10-$20, and I know I paid even less than that for mine a few years back.

-- Posted by Akito01 on 2014-12-27 19:36:05   Reply
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wow that's a great score.  It must be fun getting that good at this game :)

-- Posted by S.BAZ on 2014-12-31 21:21:49   Reply