Super Bomberman (SNES/Super Famicom Emulated)

Score: 9,999,990
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Super Bomberman 9,999,990 points
Super Bomberman 9,999,990 points
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before explaining the strategy, a small gift for bubufubu:
my speed run of the level 5 of super bomberman where I managed to finish it in less than two minutes, even though it was a very close call

now to the real deal:+before going any further, bubufu stated himself that the following methods are not considered as point farming since there is a time limit for levels.
let's begin:

the video 2 shows a tactic that can be used across the various levels, to be able to perform the trick, you need to have the push and punch power up
the idea conists of killing an enemy by pushing a bomb towards it or throwing it at him, while killing an enemy with the standard method (exploding bomb) get you a fixed value, if you kill him by one of these two mentioned methods, then its value multiplies up to x16, so for killing an enemy that is usually worth 100, you can get 1600 max using this method, so by killing an enemy that is worth 400 at least, you can get 6400 for killing these enemies with these 2 methods.

that method could get you a good amount of points in the process, but the real trick starts here
now this has caused a lot of debate in ap revious submission: skull power ups that are spawned in the last level: can you really get such a high just from collecting these power-ups? knowing how dangerous they can be? the answer is yes
take a look at video 3 later
let's understand what are the effect of power skull power-ups, actually there are 7 hazardous effects
1-automatically lay bombs
2-automatically lay bombs while walking too fast
3-lay only 1 bomb with the weakest fire power
4-impossible to lay bombs
5-walk too slowly
6-walk too fast
7-become invisible

now the following method is very simple, the detonator power-up is required though so succeed in doing it:
lay all you bombs, place them on one of the edges of the screen, since you have the detonator, you can make them explode manually

let's see the effects of doing this:
-since all bombs are laid, all the skulls effects that influence bombs are completly nullified, especially those that make you lay bombs automatically and are considered as the deadliest effects, so these skulls, become a pure source of points and an be useful also to nullify existing effects.
-so the effect of the first 4 skulls is nullified, only 3 remains. the one that let you walk too fastn actually that's a bit helpful especially if you die and your speed decreases. the invisibility effect is not that dangerous, especially if you are familiar with the game: you can move accurately without seeing anything. now the most dangerous effect is the very slow speed, in order to reduce its risks a little bit, try to have a heart power up, this way even if the boss touches you, the heart will protect you. also when collecting skull powe ups, try to wait until a lot of skulls are spawn, then go for a collection of skulls, so even if you fall on the very slow effect, the skull next to it may give you a new effect and nullify the very slow one

now the real challenge is: THE BOSS, if he get over one of these bombs, he will explode it, so in order to aoid this, you need to lure him as far as possible from the laid bombs, the problem is that the spawned skulls, will be thrown close to the bombs, so the better startegy is to wait for him to spawn as much skulls as possible, then go and collect them quickly and return to the area that is far away from the bombs, if you succeed to doing this, you can gather enough skulls to break new score limits. this tactics take time, sometimes you are put in risky situations where you are about to lose it all.

if you died (whether touched by the boss or time-up), the laid bombs still remain there, they will explode ONLY if you detonate them manually, so as long as you on't do it and as long as you manage to keep the boss far away from them, the effect of 4 skulls is nullified and you can continue gathering points.

another problem may pose here: time, as you see in video 3, in the beginning, I died two times because of time running out, however I was relieved later to see that some power ups appear randomly in the game
-fire power
-punch power up: that's the only way to defeat the boss
-heart:this is interesting especially if you are cursed by the too slow skull effect, a heart can save you, they don't appear that frequently, but sometimes, you can have up to 4 hearts appearing in the level
-reset time: now for this level, this is actually the most important power up, it is like a new life to me :p, this power up don't appear frequetly either but like the heart, sometimes 4 of this power up can appear

so that's it, in about 1 hour I managed to get around 5.000.000pts from collecting skulls, there were some ups and downs, sometimes the boss was so close to bombs that I almost has heart attacks so it was a true relief when the bombs stayed safe, phew, if they have exploded, it's over

now to reveal something that apparently no one had ever discovered 'til now (based on what I searched in the internet):
even though the score counter make it look as there is a place for an 8th digit, actually the highest score you can get is 9.999.990, if you get something that will make you score higher than this value, then the game will freeze as shown in video 4, actually if you did noticed, video 3 and 4 are two different runs, its because I failed in video 3 to get exactly that score, a very precise calculation is needed, but I finally succeded in video 4, I got the score just before defeating the boss, after doing so, when that 10.000 was to be added to the score, the game freezed.
so in conclusion: 9.999.990 is the highest score that a player can achieve for this game,a good stamina, some luck and a solid experience are needed to achieve this breakthrough


@S.BAZ you believe it now?


-- Posted by darknight on 2015-10-27 05:26:17   Reply
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Very impressive game play and strategy analysis. I don't have such patience nor do I have a high strategy mind set.

Voting yes of course.


-- Posted by GTibel on 2015-10-27 06:37:40   Reply