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can you explain what this means?  i don't understand winning in 0 seconds

-- Posted by S.BAZ on 2014-04-25 03:39:51   Reply
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The Game is about Pressing the "A" Button as soon as the "!!" Marks appear. I timed it very Well and got 00 seconds on one Round. Then Next Round I lost on purpose to make sure I could take a Picture proof of it before my DS died on me (The Light was Red). This picture was taken about 2 years ago.

-- Posted by DarkEonMaster on 2014-04-25 13:16:39   Reply
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Oh, and Basically, The Numbers go from 00 to 99. I think it is in CentiSeconds  (1/100 of Seconds) and 00 is basically Pressing Immediately when the "!" is about to Come up.

-- Posted by DarkEonMaster on 2014-04-25 13:19:04   Reply