Topic: Admins should be able to see who votes what.

Keeping the voting completely anonymous isn't working.  It's obvious there's someone on here who's deliberately voting no just to tick us off.  We need to adjust the voting system so that the site admins can see who's voting what, and that way if there's someone deliberately targeting us, we can take them out.

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Agreed 100% yes

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@LarcenTyler: Same thing here with JES!!
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Not only that, anonymous comments should be permanently discontinued as well.

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There has to br something in place for checks and balances for the voting. It's wildly inconsistant. 

I pulled one score for Mario out of respect for the unwritten rules of excesive abuse of 1ups. I got too much hate for it and I understand. But to run through KOF 97 with a recording and be labled less legit than a photo of someones PSP is ridiculous.

There needs to be something in place. Not everyone understands the details of how each game plays either. Not even myself.

A player should be able to dispute no votes. You don't need to know who voted no. You just need to dispute what the reasons are. 

This isn't a popularity contest like an election. These are judgments. People should be allowed to defend themselves like in court.

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Unfortunately, there are some people who vote no just to be rude.  These trolls utilize the ability to vote anonymously to hurt the legitimate players.

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Ya I'm out guys. This site needs proper moderators.

Goodluck with your attempts. I'll come back when this stuff is sorted out.


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We're working on it.

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now, when you say "take them out" you mean like on a date? or do you mean ban them from the site?

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The latter.  I wouldn't date a troll even if my life depended on it!

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One thing that often goes overlooked --

The whole idea of this site is based on each user getting their one vote.

So, if you don't accept that, highscore may not be the site for you and that's ok.

If you want to have your score judged by a panel of admins, go to a site that does it that way, simple as that.

I really think this needs to be displayed clearly here somewhere so we don't keep hearing all this talk about overturning people's votes. It's the whole idea of the site from the beginning, that everyone's vote counts.  There is never gonna be some overseeing group of admins changing people's votes, that just doesn't even make sense folks. 

Think about it -- * What would be the point of voting? *

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also, I have paid attention here for 4 years now and used the site a lot.

And I do not see any reason to assume someone is attacking or trolling when I get a no-vote.

There are many reasons why someone might vote no, whether I may or may not agree with that being a good reason. 

So, therefore I do not call it foul play when I have no evidence for it. 

AND -- (as I have many times repeated)

Serious stated from the beginning that no one will ever be required to give a reason for their vote.  

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Again, just to be clear:

--> each user gets one vote and it counts automatically.

--> no one is or will be required to account for their decision how to vote.

That's how this site works folks  laugh

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Well said Baz

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Unfortunately, it does not work as smooth as you hope.
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