Topic: Atari Lynx highscores!

Hey fellow gamers, stoked to of found a site like this so props to everyone who contributes.

Big fan of the atari lynx after purchasing one 2 years ago and noticed I could beat 2 highscores on California Games, I've posted them in the surfing and half pipe categories. It was exciting as I usually score 500 less in surfing but seeing my average score was really close. I have to admit it was hard to beat but luckily I got A score 30 points higher. In half pipe I know I could routinely beat the highscore as its one of my favourite things to do on the lynx so ive posted my highscores and since its not a popular console of appreciate anyone who votes- it's a really fun game and I hope people throw down a challenge. 

Just because its not a popular console it be cool if other Lynx fans posted here when they submit photos so we can all vote and keep this retro gem of a handheld alive. 


Posted by on 2016-02-28 00:17:39