Topic: Harley-Davidson & L.A.Riders Svoring

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Sorry... I started a blank thread somehow, lol.I have submitted a score for Harley LA Riders last year. I would like for it to be removed because it WASN'T done with default settings (it had the difficulty at +20 seconds). There are 3 different ways to play the game: 3-stage, 4-stage or 5-stages. Is there any way the score can be removed, as well as making three entries for the game?


- Paul

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Hi Paul, as game admins we can't remove such scores. The best thing you can do is to replay the game with the correct settings and repost it in the same category. Once you get 25 votes it will simply replace your top score. 

And appreciated saying it wasnt played with the correct settings yes

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No problem. I should've read rules before posting. The world record for the game on Twin Galaxies is 7.1 million by Elias Hernandez. Unfortunately, I couldn't find much evidence for it, but I would gladly assume it was done with the 5 stages setting, because on the Supermodel  (Model 3) emulator I played it on, it was about my best.

Sadly, hardly any arcades have LA Riders anymore, but being an age old game that often gets torn up by kids, it's no surprise. People only play this game because they "get to drive a motorcycle". lol I loved it though.

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