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I'm UnoSeed, friend and husband to the almost-top-100 competitor Buttons!! 

I have a massive list of hobby/talents including but not limited to..

Animation, Programming, Music creation, Toy modding/collecting, Game modding, Painting, Poetry, Writing..

This is my first attempt at competitive gaming and am really only standing in the shadow of my ultra-competitive (and not likely to admit it) wife of 20+ years, Buttons.  I'm usually watching her beat these high scores while she films herself and hushes me and have been tempted enough to give it a try myself. I prefer old-school hardware and veer from emulation if possible.  Having beaten Macross for the PS2 over and over it's probably my favorite disc-based game (I think that the charge-missle system in Robotech is STUPID, but have beaten that game several times as well, mostly to unlock the Patriot paint scheme). I like cartridges more and stress the theme that... 'ALL SPINNY THINGS MUST DIE!!'.  I have a LOT of kids and built an arcade with my wife.  I also program Atari and Sega games for fun.   

Here is some animation I just put up on YouTube from my love for TransFormers.. The animation has been done for some time and I only recently got inspired enough to add music, voices, and sound effects.  My newer work is much better and will also be uploaded in between high score videos.

I'm honestly not a competitive person and if playing the games wasn't fun I wouldn't do it.

Thanks for any votes and I've had a lot of fun on the site so far! 

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Welcome laugh

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Welcome to the site. smiley

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