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Since I'm new to making videos, anything I say is probably stuff you already know; nevertheless, I feel compelled to share it in case there are others who truly don't know.  I was making a video last night of DuckTales (NES) to show how you can get such a high score as $12 million.  When I beat the game, I go back to my laptop and find that it STOPPED RECORDING at the one-hour mark.  Apparently, one hour is the longest you can record using Windows Movie Maker (ugh!).  Such a waste of my time.  If only it would have recorded about five more minutes, then it would have recorded my entire gameplay!

And yes, DuckTales take a little over an hour if you're aiming for a score that high.  No, it's not farming by killing bad guys repeatedly; it's actually a matter of gathering all the diamonds you can on a level without beating it, then going back to Ducksburg via Launchpad (Launchpad is the key to such a high score) and then gathering all those diamonds again when you return to beat the level.

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I take it it's not a matter of space on the hard drive; you could record another hour immediately after the first hour? Seems like I'm able to record several hours on mine but I'm using debut to record webcams.

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Not a matter of space, just a time limit.  For long NES games, I could simply just pause the game, save the file and then start a new file and continue recording; unfortunately, Colecovision games (many of which have no pause at all) would be difficult to do that with.

The good news is that not many Coleco games have you playing for an hour or longer anyway.  As for the ones that do:  at least I can pause them on the emulator.

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That seems weird that movie maker is capping you on time, I've seen longer videos done with it. Wish I could offer up any tips but can't:(

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