Topic: New contests! Playstation, NES, Atari 2600, C64. Starts now!

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These prizes seem to kick ass!!!

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Is this for emulated versions of the consoles or only for original hardward?  I'm sure this has been asked before so sorry about that.

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Trophies for hardware and emulated will count. Lots of time to go, so play you're ass off laugh

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nice prizes !

just noticed this a couple days ago


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well it was the 15th so 6 days  x)

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It looks like with current voting speed, scores posted in December probably won't get confirmed before Jan 3rd, so newer scores probably won't crack trophies before time runs out.  But then again, we might get a bunch of people with spare time over the holidays who clear out the backlog :)

I'm going to go out on a limb and predict WonderBoy will win the NES contest.  He's in the lead already and he's got a mightly list of scores in voting.  

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Congrats to WonderBoy, Matthew Felix, S.BAZ, OriginalGamer, and kernzy!

Here's the winners in each category:

NES/Famicom Trophy Cracking Contest
1    WonderBoy    69
2    MatthewFelix    32

Atari 2600 Trophy Cracking Contest
1    S.BAZ    59

Playstation (PS1/PS2/PS3/PS4) Contest
1    OriginalGamer    30

Commodore 64 Trophy Cracking Contest
1    kernzy    75


I will be contacting each of the winners to arrange delivery of their prizes.

More contests starting soon! Stay tuned.


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Thanks, Serious !!  laughyes

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Thank you very much Serious, the console is in perfect condition, and arrived a few days after of my birthday, without doubt the best gift smiley

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Glad it arrived safely, and that you are enjoying it


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Funnily enough, my drive arrived 2 days before my birthday, too.
Awesome comp as usual.

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