Topic: Seriously, what am I supposed to think?!

Obviously members of High Score have the right to vote no for any submission that they feel does not meet whatever baseline evidence they require to feel confident in a score's validity. I have no problem with this. What I do have a problem with is the inconsistency on display when it comes to passing some scores and rejecting others.

Case in point

Maxwel submits a score of 466 million for the Funhouse table on Pinball Arcade on the 20th of January. He includes a photo of his screen as evidence. There is no video, and no leaderboard proof. If you go to the Pinball Arcade Leaderboard website, you can't see his score there, as he doesn't sign in while playing. This score is accepted on the 1st of February as valid, cracking my previous world record. It was voted 92% legit.

Since I own every single Pinball Arcade record, I couldn't sit back and just let Maxwel beat me. I sat down and played Funhouse for over 5 hours a day for three days straight and submitted a score of 522,094,500 on the 23rd of January. My submission has screenshots of my score, my personal highscore board, a friends leaderboard that shows where I rank versus other High Score players, and I even included a screenshot of the official Pinball Arcade leaderboard showing that my score is the 17th best on this table for the PC. There is no way to fake this. I even included a link so that people can go and see it for themselves, as I always do. Despite all of this evidence, my submission is currently at 66% legit, with no chance of being accepted. It already has 4 x Video Desired, 1 x Other, and 1 x "Submitter might have used saves, passwords/codes, cheats/trainers, continues, tampering, etc."

So what am I supposed to think? Am I supposed to just accept this? Do people really doubt that I achieved this score or is something else going here?

NOTE: Yes, I'm upset. I put a LOT of effort into getting this score back. sad

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There's no need for you to be upset, Trickster.  There are just illegitimate voters that trying to break you down.

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yeah that's not fair... it could still go legit though.  if you reach 25 votes and you're still under 80% it stays in voting and more yes-votes can make it pass.  (as far as I understand it)

If that doesn't work I would re-submit the score and leave some explanations, I bet it would pass.

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I'd try resubmitting it. There was some excessive no voting going on in the last couple weeks but in the last 4 days it seems to have stopped


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I have the same problem on this game. I'm getting a lot of no votes from people who request a video, but I can't. I already explained why in the comments of some of my pinball arcade scores, but it doesn't matters, people are still voting no.

Plus, my scores take forever to pass, I have a score on doctor who table, uploaded the 1st of january and still needing 2 votes.

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For info, I submitted a score on pinball arcade yesterday or two days ago and I already have 4 no votes because people want video, for 7 yes votes... I'm beginning to think quitting posting highscores for this reason.

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Since I been on this site I see so many different requirements for what's needed for a score. If just a picture is the min proof needed then that should be all that's needed.                                            

  just imagine in baseball a home run is over the fence but some umps decided to be a HR it has to be 10 rows deep!

 So either a pic is enough proof or it needs to be a video. It should be one or the other.




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That statement of yours is a terrible fallacy and a horrible line of thinking.  Sometimes a pic is good enough, and sometimes it's not.  There are games that use continues in which you get to keep your points (such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II) and games that have cheat codes for extra lives (Castlevania III, Contra, a wide range of Konami games, etc.) or other benefits (points, invincibility, etc.).

When playing such games, video is important, especially if your score is a #1 score.  If your score is a lowly score that is nowhere near the #1 spot, then of course voters grant more leniency on pic-only submissions.  If you have a reputation for being very good at a particular game due to previous submissions, you might get the votes on a high score with pic-only evidence; even then, it's still more prudent to have video evidence.

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what about the pinball arcade highscores with screenshot of the online leaderboard + link to the web site showing them (this is impossible to cheat) ?

People keep requesting video for my scores on this game and this is very very annoying that people can't understand or can't read what's on the the pictures. It's like they don't see video and clic NO without looking at the other evidences (even if they never watch the videos linked).

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Exactly why I said pic-only evidence should be judged on a case-by-case basis, rather than an absolute blanket statement like wowitsbob made.  In cases like yours, pic-only evidence is good, but it's even better when you go the extra mile (like you, Trickster, and others have done) to ensure it's legit.

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I'm in complete agreement with Dugger.  I'd like to add that in games where difficulty selected makes a big difference, I'm going to need to see video of the gameplay.  For example, the Atari 2600.  If you submit a screenshot for a game on B difficulty, I will almost always vote yes as almost all of the time there is no advantage to playing a game on A difficulty and submitting it as a B difficluty game.  But if it's an A difficulty game, I'm going to need to see video that it was played on the proper settings.  And sorry but a picture of you console with the settings on A and a picture of the final score isn't enough for me.


As for the case above, even though I'd prefer video, I'll almost always vote yes for these pinball scores as long as I can see the score show up on the scoreboard.  I'm pretty confident the only way to get your score on this scoreboard is to play on default settings.  But I also don't understand why you cant do video?  It's really easy for playing games on the PC.  Just download OBS and do a screen recording.  I'm an idiot at this kind of thing so if I can figure out how to do I'm confident that pretty much everyone else should be able to as well.

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I record video for every single submission apart from Pinball Arcade. That includes lots of pinball submissions on the Amiga, Atari 2600 etc. I really would love to do it for Pinball Arcade too, but every time I try, no matter what software I use, there is the occasional effect on gameplay performance. More than any other type of game that I play, the smallest performance hit can have a HUGE impact on pinball. It can be the difference between hitting a target or losing your ball. Timing is everything.

The other problem is the sheer volume of data required. It took me over 2 hours to score 522 million on Funhouse (the score in question) and I played for about 15 hours over three days to achieve it. Recording that much data is just painful, and submitting it to YouTube is just not practical. How big would a 2 and half hour Pinball Arcade recording be? Would YouTube even accept it? Given that the leaderboards are online and available for everyone to see, I just don't see why it should be required in this particular instance. Common sense has to come into play, surely.

For any emulated system, I want to see video if the score will take over the current record or is the first submission for a game. Mind you, I have serious doubts about many submissions that include video, particularly from one member of High Score who I know has been banned from another site for cheating. It pains me to see so many highly dubious and in some cases evidence-free submissions going through with 100% while my Pinball Arcade scores that have way more evidence and can't really be faked are constantly battling to go legit.

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I've been voting YES on your The Pinball Arcade submissions with your final score and your internet leaderboard score, Trickster!

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I've been voting YES on your The Pinball Arcade submissions with your final score and your internet leaderboard score, Christophe!

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Thanks for explaining the issue.  You have some amazing pinball scores and I agree that timing is everything and you can't play with lag.  2 hours on Funhouse is bad ass.  Keep the scores coming.  Like I said above, as long as you post the online leaderboards, I will continue to vote yes.

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@DBCooper: In this case I totaly see a picture being sufficient. Also DBcooper the whole thing you explained about the Atari 2600 and A B setting is something I been stating for a long while myself. Glad to see I am in good company. I am useually the one complaning there needs to be better evidence such as a good video but TheTrickster is right in this case that proper evidence was provided especially with that leederboard link. People either do not look or there are malicious users with mutiple accounts killing top scores.
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I revealed it was WiZORd!!  He's the one creating multiple doppelgangers!!

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You have no proof he's been doing the no voting. Those accounts that originated all the snarky comments have very little user points as they did when they popped up

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I see.

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I have resubmitted. I guess I will just keep doing that until it is accepted. Doesn't feel in the spirit of the site, but what else can I do? The score is 100% legit.

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Voted yes for it moments ago (for the second time).  It's a joke that it has even come to this.

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So what reasons are you getting for the no notes ?

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It already has 4 no votes unfortunately. crying

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So far...

2 x Video Desired

1 x Other

1 x I don't trust screen capture recordings. I prefer to see video recorded with a camera.

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The new submission if faring even worse than the original ones. This is clearly a deliberate attempt to stop me from submitting scores. sad

I assume that Serious has the ability to see who is voting no on my scores. All I want to know is whether or not they are legitimate users or accounts created for the purpose of voting. If it's the latter, then they need to be banned, as well as whoever it is that created them.

I've been very careful not to make suggestions as to who it might be that is doing this. It doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to come up with a suspect though.

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I know, dude!!  This is driving everybody crazy!!

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Resubmitted score is now sitting at 66%, with 7 no votes. It looks like it's now impossible for me to submit a score that has heaps of evidence in an attempt to overtake a score that has very little.

I don't even know what to say. My time at High Score may very well be limited from here on in.

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I think it's pretty obvious who's behind all of it, and it's pathetic that Serious doesn't take matters such as this seriously.

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@DuggerVideoGames: I know, dude!
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I realize this is slighlty paranthetical, but is there much of a point submitting scores for Pinball Arcade when it already has fully functional built in online leaderboard support? It alwasy struck me as a little bit odd, though I'm not salty about the fact either. 

Posted by on 2017-02-17 08:47:59

I have now resubmitted my score 4 times, and it has failed each and every time. While all this has been going on, hundreds of other scores with far less evidence have gone legit.

This site is screaming out for moderation. I have basically been blocked from using High Score for unknown reasons, and there isn't even someone to complain to.

Is anyone willing to come forward and explain why they are rejecting my scores? I've received a number of comments of support on my scores, but none of rejection.

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I agree with you. I've been away since a few months due to other interests and thought I rejoin with some Pinball scores but even with video included I am already on 3 no votes per score...

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^There's just a rash of no votes going around like how it happens occasionally.  My last two scores (non-pinball) got two no votes each.  Usually I either get none or just one.

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There have been numerous stages where I've inexplicably been getting a few no votes, but my scores have never actually reached the point of being rejected. Now every single score I submit is getting 6 or 7 no votes, and therefore not going legit. I'm basically blocked from using the site.

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^That's a load of crap :| This site's just not being that much fun any more, unfortunately.

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This is percussion facts that I been pointing out. So discusting and I get the blame for pointing these things out. Guess what trick man! Your going to be the next high score victom for being honest. I can see it now! All those votes headed your way. No not the votes you want, just the votes you been collecting that ends in a declined score. Speak out! Get smashed with a buch of people who dislike you and unfairly vote against you. Thats what this site has turned into. One big fat favortized peice of broken system. The site its self is great but damn then evil fuckers who hate the honest truth.

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It is not the site. It is the god damn voting system and the people using and abusing it.

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Yeah, I think you're right Darryl. As soon as you start questioning the validity of anyone else's scores, or being vocal about what should be considered sufficient evidence, you're bound to start getting no votes all over the place. Such a shame.

I don't even know why I'm still hanging around here. Some desperate hope that things might somehow change. blush

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