Topic: Summer 2016 Contests start now!!


Win an X-Arcade Dual StickEdladdin Super 78 Controller for Atari 7800, Colecovision Super Game ModuleDeluxe Edition Turbo EverdriveNES Everdrive flash cartridge, and gift certificates for AtariAge and (US).

June 24th 2016 - August 28th 2016

Full details and current standings are on the contest page.



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surprise  it's too much! laugh

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We are tired now.
I was looking forward to not competing for a while.
Then you chuck in a prize I could do with !

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This site is awesome!

Does this mean it's any MAME game, rather than a specific group (like in the MAME shmups competition)? If so, I might have to fast-track some more shmups!

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High Score doesn't have a pause button.

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Yes. Any trophies cracked in the MAME and Arcade categories will count towards your total, no matter which game it is. 

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Great stuff as usual, Serious!

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Very nice prizes. Good I already got that Double X-Arcade, or else I would have to compete with those maniacs. How some of you guys manage to make so many scores is beyond me. Got no life? LOL

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While I will still be as active as always, I will not be shooting for any of the prizes this time around, except maybe the voting contest.  Not because they are not worth winning...they certainly are.  I just need to take a little break from the contests.  Instead, I plan on playing for "first" trophies, giving the other competitors a chance to earn/crack some trophies.  Most of them will be in the Atari 8-bit category (because I admin that category.)  :)

I will be fishing around the other category for first trophies to snag up as well.  :)  Good luck

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oh wow a double stick X-Arcade ? What a prize !

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You've created a great site mate, and these contests are fantastic.

Like Mantalow said - the arcade stick is an awesome prize!

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Yeah. Voting is going too fast now. laugh I had some 20 in the queue last week and now it's already empty.

S.Baz has too much time cheeky

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It is probably worth mentioning that the Super 78 stick can work on all Atari and Commodore systems that use Atari-type controllers, but the second button is wired for Atari 7800. (It will function just like the first button on other systems).

So, if you would like a nice arcade stick for your Commodore 64 or Amiga, this may interest you also. 

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I won the "Top Voter Contest" (part 1), but I'm 400-700 votes behind 1st thru 3rd in the "Top Voter Contest - Part 2". Have no chance.............

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you think that's bad, I'm all caught up on voting and not even on the scoreboard frown But on the plus side games are getting legit faster than ever.

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The Entry is Automatic?? No need to sign up??

I am the MAME Player and i saw that i have done 2 trophies in MAME Contest today. ..!!

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Does it take a while for the trophies to update on the contest page?
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Everyone who uses is automatically signed up :)

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Thanks Friend.

Please help the S.Baz to watch the inp. see here


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Great to see all the MAME scores coming in!

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Are Super Nintendo games part of the Nintendo Trophy Cracking Contest? I got a few top scores for the snes but they weren't counted as points for this contest yet my n64 score were.

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I was wondering about your score.  I've kept count & may be a little off, but here's my count: so far (including stuff that's still in voting):

OriginalGamer 32

starsoldier1 30

S.BAZ 21

ichigokurosaki1991 17

JessePorter 6

HottCheese 4

DuggerVideoGames 2

GoldWolf 2


The contest leaderboard of accepted scores that cracked trophies looks like this at the moment:

1OriginalGamer 19

2S.BAZ 16

3ichigokurosaki1991 14

4JessePorter 6

5DuggerVideoGames 3

6starsoldier1 3

7ecworiginal 2


Considering I'm counting you at 30 & OG at 32, it seems like your score should be up there a little higher than 3 already if myself & OG are at 16 & 19 already.

You wouldn't happen to have 27 trophy-cracking Nintendo scores waiting on votes, would you?


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Thank you for pointing this out.

This was a bug and I am correcting it now. 

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The totals are not real-time. There's a process that runs periodically that updates the totals.

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Thanks for that

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OK, I have pointed it out to the user "HAL", who has "no initials set".
He has been submitting the same scores for multiple romsets.
I first noticed it 3 days ago, I stated I was rejecting 2 of the 3 romsets because of duplicate entries.
I'm pretty sure he may have removed them, can't remember what they were!
Unfortunately, he has a bundle more since.
This is during competition time, and all of them are screen shots.

Secondly, he has a lot of entries which are 90% screen shots.
Is this the way it's going to be? because I can take a thousand screenshots in about 3 days, and they don't even need to be my own scores.
He is a great gamer, and does make video's sometimes.
But this is a hijacking.
Something needs to be spoken about.

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Good eye, Kernzy.  That's disgraceful!

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Just screenshots, yes agree.  HAL references the site he played them at , I've been to the site several times trying to find HAL score evidences but never found any.  It's not in my language, so maybe that's why.  I did see HAL is a user at that site.  Did not find any way to play games there. 

I think HAL's submissions are real scores but lack evidence so I voted yes to some HAL scores here, skipped some, and voted no whenever they beat a current world trophy, not good enough evidence, in fairness to other users!  But I accept them if I think it's a small score.  If it's a new score for that game I skip if I don't know the game, or else try to figure it out.

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oh, yeah and as far as duplicate pics for same romsets, I remember one I thought was duplicate, but actually off by 10 pts. so I accepted them as small scores. I'll watch out for those you mentioned.

they may have been the other ones I saw with multiple romsets -- I decided to vote NO as there was no indication of which romset in the pic.

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The 2 scores you mention were 10 points different, but the screenshots were the same scores. a typo, maybe.
Nevertheless, he is going for 15 records using only 6 individual gameplays.
If thats not cheating...

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we really need to be careful in voting!

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Are you aware of this, dude ?

Posted by on 2016-07-13 13:28:47

to add to that list:

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Great competition between HAL & DBcooper.

HAL is the player of Czech republic site (EMUX). that is not in english. I have made one record over there.

HAL is just referencing his scores from EMUX site. we can see the inp videos from there. I think these are legit for votes.

I could have to join this competition but so busy...

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but he cheated. read up, dude.
He is a great player, though.

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So do the Atari Flashbacks count as part of the Atari contest? 

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His robocop 2 score was over a million on the screenshot which is what he submitted; the video was a 3 minute run for 30000 points. He's being sneaky, possibly because he used a glitch, not sure though as I couldn't see the video.

He used a glitch for his robocop score and it got called out; it's a banned trick a twin galaxies and removed it after some discussion

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Play same score on many romset is not really Fair Play !

I see the date 23.12.2012 !!!! :

4 years old score, not really Fair Play.

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That's a shame. The EMUX site is in your language correct? How legit is it as far as using glitches and point farming to make new records? Shabaz says it's legit as it has inps but i'd like to hear your thoughts on it. You took out a bunch his scores recently and I hope they get legit in time :)

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The Wrong Entries should be removed / rejected of HAL.

Posted by on 2016-08-23 07:51:41


 I mean - it ´s  simply (not a little) his mistakes..

HAL is good player and Emux site is fair.

I have one my own rule: all my scores here is originally recorded for THIS site. It´s simple and fair.

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Hi everyone,

The summer contests have come to an end.

Before I announce the winners, I want to let you know that the trophies awarded are based on the votes of the site's participants. I may intervene in cases where I believe someone is taking advantage of a bug in the site, or attempting to game the system in some other way. But legitimate votes cast by legitimate users is not something I want to ever overrule.

I am not the judge of what is proof of a legitimate score: you all are.

I try my best to provide the tools that will help you all in making decisions on what is acceptable evidence for a score: mechanisms for people to share photos and videos, information on how the score submitted compares to the highest accepted score so far, the user's history/reputation on the site (legit rating and evidence log), and a place to discuss any issues or concerns you may have (in the comments on the score). But the votes you cast are ultimately what determines who wins and who loses.



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Hi everyone,

The winners of the High Score summer contests are as follows:

Top Arcade/MAME Trophy Cracker

  •  HAL

Top Atari Trophy Cracker

  • oyamafamily

Top Colecovision Trophy Cracker

  • DuggerVideoGames    

Top PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16 Trophy Cracker

  • S.BAZ

Top Nintendo Trophy Cracker

  • OriginalGamer

Top 3 Voters

  1. Larquey
  2. Deteacher
  3. DuggerVideoGames

I have already emailed each of the winners about delivery of your prizes. Please check your email and get back to me with your mailing address and/or prize selections (top 3 voters), and I will send your prizes as soon as possible.

Congratulations to all of the winners!

Posted by on 2016-08-29 00:22:14


Thank you very much, Serious!  I have received your e-mail and I have sent a reply on where you can ship the Colecovision Super Game Module and the $25 gift certificate for AtariAge.  I would be grateful if you let me know the e-mail was received.

Thank you very much, and congratulations to all the winners!

Posted by on 2016-08-29 02:24:37

Thank you very much, Serious!  Prize received today.

Posted by on 2016-09-01 12:07:38

Thanks for the contests Serious! Also a hats off to starsoldier1 making it very competitive in two of the contests. I barely squeaked by that time!
Posted by on 2016-09-02 13:51:45

Congrats to all the winners!

Posted by on 2016-09-10 06:26:56

Prize arrived today (Sep 27th 2016), with 2 homebrew cartridges for Atari 7800.

One of them (FAT AXL) I've already enjoyed - I played on Prosystem Emulator firstly and I will try with my 7800 console.

Posted by on 2016-09-27 21:02:11