Topic: To have the ability to edit pending track requests.

Now that I'm able to start a new thread, I feel my request is a necessity to this site, and probably one that's long overdue.


What we need is the ability to be able to edit/change/delete/modify a track request at will before the site admin adds the track to the database and makes it official.


A few weeks ago, I started with 2 requests for Galaga tracks. An hour or so later I realized there needed to be some additional info added to it so I clicked on the request number to open it back up and started to make the changes. The problem is that when I exited the screen, it assigned a new request number to the track I just made modifications to. I dissmissed it and made some more changes a while later to the other track and then ended up going back and forth 'tweaking' each track over the course of the day, so that there was all the necessary info that needed to be there, that was clear and concise to whoever wanted to submit to these tracks. When all was said and done, I ended up with an additional 8 more tracks! So basically, every time I reopened a request and then saved any changes I made it added the changes I made to a new request number.


This is crazy and needs to be changed so that we can make any changes that need to take place, and do it within a specific time frame (say 48 hours for example), before the site admin adds the new game tracks to the database.


Right now, there isn't even the ability to delete what I have and start over. I was willing to do this but there isn't any feature to warrent this. Unless I'm missing something here.


This is what my request page looks like. Mind you, it started with only 2 unique Galaga games.


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OMG, why the heck isn't none of my images showing? Do I have to use Photo Bucket or something?


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Yeah, people have trouble attaching images.  I'm pretty sure you have to use an off site for them.

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You can leave comments on your pending requests, just leave comments on the ones that need to rejected :)

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Here's the photo to my above post of my growing list of requests.

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@TheGalagaKing: Serious needs to add an "Edit" button to each post so the above doesn't happen. Sorry guys. I'm a bit new to Photobucket too. Hope this link works.
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That's a good idea, G.K!!  We can have the edit button, don't you think?

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