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I've figured out why I can't make videos on CCS64. It is set to a max lenght of 4GB for a video file, and I suppose that when that is reached the 4GB it stops the recording in a un-natural way corrupting the file.

How do you all come around that problem? 

How do you all make recording when playing C64 emulated?

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For me I use bandicam video capture program and then I use Arcsofts Media Converter 8 to reduce the size of the file for uploading. both these programs cost real money.

If you are looking for free then there are a number of programs out there that will get the job done...but there will be limitations as to what these programs offer in the way of features.

There is

1. A tube catcher...

2. X-Split free version ..

I have tried just about every free program out there and those two give the best result considering the limitions of free...but hey you get what you pay for.

But I have to ask...what are you playing that is taking up 4GB of space for video?...I am also curious as to what settings you are using to record with? I know video takes up alot of space but there are settings that you use other than Full Uncompressed Frames.


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Thank you for the infos. I've already started using X-Split which Kernzy informed me about, and it works like a charm :-)

The Commodore Emulator CCS64 is not compressing the files, so about 10-15 minutes of play it gets bigger than 4GB. The weird thing is that my filesystem is NTSC, and I have a 64 bit machine, so it should be able to handle files bigger than 4GB. It's a mystery to me :(

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I'm using Atube Catcher to record gameplay videos, and Windows Movie Maker to edit for time (starting and endpoint), put subtitles for identification, and reduce file size. 

I would like to tell Frankie about my Gun-Nac video recording (NES Platform): in the basic recording via Atube, the video size reached circa 5GB. I tried to edit it with Windows Movie and I used the following settings to save my Gun-Nac movie: 640x480 screen size, 2000 Kbits per second and 30 frames per second. The result: video size reduced to 700-750 MB (WMV format).

URL to see my Gun-Nac gameplay video:

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Glad to hear that you got a solution  wink

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Thanks for the tips guys. I'll keep them for later use, if it is needed.

I already have a program to edit the files, however, it can not add text. I used to have Windown Movie Maker on my previous PC. Maybe I should get hold of it :)

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I like XSplit, but I'm still learning how to work with its settings.

By default, you'll get extremely compressed video (10 minutes in a few megs), but it impacts the quality.

I did my recent submission of Blazing Lazers with XSplit, local recording mode set on "Very High" quality and MP4 file output, and ended up with a 250 meg file for a 16 minute video.


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@Serious: I've not played around with Xsplit yet. I was of the believe that if I want better quality I would have to pay for it.
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Yep. I paid to register mine.

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@Serious: I just think it's a little bit expensive :(
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they are all overpriced.
you have "free", then "unnafordable" !!
why don't windows have a screen capture option? should be the easiest thing to do.

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Windows does have a screen capture...Movie maker...but it is very low quality and you cannot improve on it.

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What do people think is the best quality free screen capture program, how many mb would a 5 or 10 minute video be and how good is the sound/video quality? Thank you.

I will try X-Split,



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NO, they ask you for your email address when you are going to use it, you shouldn't have to give that, so I got rid of it.

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i save my games to my external hard drive. it was "fat 32". games over 4GB were saved as multiple files, and i could join them seamlessly on youtube.
I converted it to NTSC, thinking i was doing myself a favour. Now, I am like Frankie, can only record 4GB. AAARGHHH!!

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Atube Catcher I also use to record MUSICS from CD player available on my computer, and MUSICS from Internet, capturing audio from speakers.

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I'm using Atube Catcher for my Atari 2600 submissions, but when I try to use it with CCS64, all I get on the playback is the audio with a black screen.  I've tried changing the display sizes in CCS64, but no matter what I select, all I can get is the audio during playback.  I've also played with the "select frame" and "select area" settings in Atube Catcher...same result.

Anyone have some suggestions?  I'm new to this recording video thing, so I apologize in advance for my "newbie-ness."  :)

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Disregard my last post...I'm playing around with X-Split now...that seems to be working fine.  :)

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