Topic: Virtual NES: Considerations about Frameskip

Ladies and gentlemen:

Frameskip is a special feature of Virtual NES Emulator whose function is to increase speed - it works like an accelerator which is present on the cars. It's considered at my own discretion a DISADVANTAGE when the score submission format is POINTS, and this consideration is perfectly based on the proverb used in traffics (streets, avenues, roads and highways):


But consider Frameskip as an unacceptable thing when you submit fastest times to complete NES games, like Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Castlevania, Gun-Nac and Ducktales. The same thing when you submit fastest times to obtain a ultimate score - examples: Castlevania - Fastest time to score 999,990 points; Xenophobe - Fastest time to score 999,990 points.

Just use a good sense when you use Frameskip feature. To return to standard speed, press Enter button on the NUMERIC keyboard.

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@oyamafamily: This kind of emulation feature in common over a variety of emulators to all sorts of gaming consoles. Personally I think regardless of advantage or disavantage these emulation tools should never be used unless the listing states frameskipping specifically. It is another reason I dislike picks only on emulation.
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Personally WHY even bother with NES emulation? The machines are readily available are the cartridges. Definitely a platform that I feel emulation exists simply for the the reason that people don't want to pay for anything, and would rather steal it. 

And Yes, I realize *some* people have legal ROM dumps, most do not.

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I only have a few remaining NES games after my move last year, and no working hardware.  So I'm stuck using emulators.

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hi, sprinter461!

can you explain what you mean by "steal it."

i come across people saying something like that.  I'm always curious to know if there is some way emulation can involve theft.  so far, everything I've heard on that topic doesn't really add up to theft as far as I can tell.   yet, I keep wondering if there might actually be some reasoning I hadn't been aware of...

I would very much like to read about your thoughts on this.

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clarification: i do get it if someone is running an arcade with emulators & charging people, or some how profiteering off them.  just to be clear, in my question I mean only to ask about people simply using them to play games, not for profit.

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