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Well I created this thread basically to say that starting from now I will use much emulator Mess and upload inp like a evidence.The main reason is because I use a computer to play quite old, and can not play and record at a time because my fps drop much, so I always use emulators that can record replays of my games in not so heavy formats like avi, but then if I want to record my game at 60fps I have to pass my inp to a more powerful computer, and burn it with Dxtory, fraps or a similar program and then upload it to youtube. And this is a very tedious work and I lose much time. But I do not want to upload a photo as evidence alone, so I will use wolfmess because I think the inps are good evidence, for the comfort of having many systems in an emulator only, and because whit this way I do not lose much time. In this video I'll show how run a playback inps in wolfmess, also if you are interested can download it from the description of the video.

If anyone has any questions or an opinion about it I'll be delighted to listen.

Apologize for my low level of English, I have to help me with google translate blush

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Are you sure that is allowed here? How will you upload it? A would stick with a picture if I were you. I've been forced to do that aswell with Amiga games under emulation sad

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OK, I see, you just put up a link. Nice smiley

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I never publishes roms or emulators on this page, only inps by dropbox but if there any type of problem in this I'll upload only photos as evidence.
Frankie certainly I have a question for you, you know some way to accelerate inps replays with Mess, I explain in Mame if you press the F10 key when observing a inp this is accelerated it is possible whit Mess?

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 I might have to try wolfmess, my computer can screen capture emulators while playing but the only problem is I am forced to play in a window. With MAME I can screen record with FFsplit in full screen mode with no issue at all, which is how I prefer to play. MESS is made by MAME team so I would assume it will work the same. 

I thought I had read somewhere that MAME and mess where getting combined to MAME. Have you heard this or know anything about it?

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To me on the pc that I use to play I can not record directly, but with another pc that I have, It happens to me too, i only can record in full screen on mame, whit the only program that i can record almost all emulators and games in full screen is fraps, but the quality of this program is not as good as other.

 is a  frontend for Mame and Mess together, I downloaded it a few months ago out of curiosity, and did not convince me, it works too slow in my opinion, I prefer them separately for its speed, though that's a personal opinion, and maybe in your computer works superbly.

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Can't remember if you can accelerate MESS. If none of the F keys work, I guess you can't. But that would be silly really sad

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Just tested an old ZX Spectrum inp I made with WolfMess 154, and there it speeds up when using F10????

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Thanks for the info Frankie, I'll try with other systems apart from NES to see if it works in wmess 0.136, and if it fails will try to get a more modern version of Mess smiley

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I tried playing back one of these .inp file using WolfMess 0.136, but I got an error message:

E:\emu\MESS>mess nes -playback "Wboy_vindicators.inp" -cart "Vindicators (U).nes"
INPVIEW: using layout type 'standard'
Wboy_vindicators.inp: Failed to open file for playback

(The version of WolfMess I downloaded did't include the GUI, but I think that's the right command-line)  Maybe I'm not using the same build of WolfMess?  I downloaded wolfmess136.exe from:

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Hi dumple, I think you should not have put a direct download link a program because I believe that it is forbidden in frown
To answer your question visit the video on youtube of my first message and there in description you can access everything you need to reproduce INPs.

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