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You Need to have proof that you are logged in to Highscore so that way it was you, but I will say yes as you seem new.

-- Posted by BucketHoodie on 2019-12-30 22:01:38   Reply
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Requres some way to verify that you played the game and earned the score. So no.

-- Posted by BucketHoodie on 2019-05-17 17:18:21   Reply
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Attention: The score posted with this is the score i got from the game. There are two scores you can judge me on. either wave or score. I got to wave 36 and got a score of 610820.

-- Posted by BucketHoodie on 2019-05-10 17:44:50   Reply
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Thx Guys for giving me the warm welcome. I appreciate it very much. yes

-- Posted by BucketHoodie on 2019-04-20 19:20:46   Reply
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Thx Mark for the warm welcome.

-- Posted by BucketHoodie on 2019-04-20 01:02:26   Reply