Viewpoint (Neo Geo)

Score: 1,479,230
World Ranking: 1
Scored By: kollision (KOL)
88% Legit
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Viewpoint 1,479,230 points
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Played on an AES, on MVS setting.

-- Posted by kollision on 2014-07-07 14:38:16   Reply
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Wow, that's a great score! 

-- Posted by SHiNjide on 2014-07-08 12:39:49   Reply
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Thanks. :)

-- Posted by kollision on 2014-07-08 15:05:52   Reply
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"I couldn't tell if the submitter is actually the person who achieved this score."
Has anyone ever told you to go lick some soap? Well, go lick some soap for great justice!

-- Posted by kollision on 2014-07-08 20:25:39   Reply