Salamander 2 [salmndr2] (Arcade Emulated / M.A.M.E.)

Score: 338,700
World Ranking: 2
Scored By: BarryBloso (B B)
96% Legit
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Salamander 2 [salmndr2] 338,700 points
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hey Barry,
I just voted on LOADS (!) of your scores.
any chance you can vote on a couple of mine, please?

-- Posted by kernzy on 2015-01-24 19:22:49   Reply
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Cheers mate! I think I'm almost caught up on your NES scores - I'll vote on the remaining now.

-- Posted by BarryBloso on 2015-01-24 22:37:18   Reply
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5 NES emulated scores and 3 MAME scores - all caught up now. Looking like there'll be some healthy shmups competition, now that you and S.BAZ are slowing on the NES scores. It'll be like The Ashes of shmups!

-- Posted by BarryBloso on 2015-01-24 22:47:30   Reply
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cheers buddy!

-- Posted by kernzy on 2015-01-25 06:22:05   Reply