Cruis'n USA [US 101] (N64 Emulated)

Score: 0:01:36.87
World Ranking: 1
Scored By: ecworiginal (ECW)
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Hi everyone. I'm confused about how to insert score times on this games, can't rememeber i do last time. If i make something wrong on posting this score please notice me. Thank you so much!
-- Posted by ecworiginal on 2016-03-17 16:48:53   Reply
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This score looks correct, your old score was entered wrong by one hourlaugh

-- Posted by derek on 2016-03-17 19:20:24   Reply
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@derek: Hahaha i remember, think i've removed the old score and re-posting again but now i learn how work right. Good night derek and thank you again for clear my doubts :D
-- Posted by ecworiginal on 2016-03-17 20:28:30   Reply