Defender (Atari 2600 Expert/A)

Score: 241,800
World Ranking: 2
Scored By: gsampson35 (GMS)
100% Legit
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Since you are new on Atari Age High Score Club, I would like to give some observations when you post your scores (for all categories, including Atari 2600 system):

1) DON`T USE your scores which you posted here on - a example is Gremlins, which you posted here in September 2013 (score 593,030 points), and posted at Atari Age 2600 NEW HSC during Gremlins contest (March 2016). Remember that NEW SCORES MUST BE POSTED at Atari Age HSCs Contests - no old scores allowed.

2) Speaking on Defender, our 2600 game for High Score Club is Defender II / Stargate. If you submit your score on this game, post your score firstly at Atari Age 2600 HSC, wait at least 1 day and then post your Stargate / Defender II score here, in order to avoid confusion of when your score has been posted.

With these orientations, you will make both Atari Age High Score Club and more fun, and will demonstrate your honesty!

-- Posted by oyamafamily on 2016-03-26 11:04:58   Reply
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Noted. My crackpots score was done during that week though. Guess I should have read up on the rules first.

-- Posted by gsampson35 on 2016-03-26 11:54:54   Reply