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World Ranking: 1
Scored By: TheDigi (TDI)
96% Legit
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Kirby Super Star Ultra: Snack Tracks: Level 3 511 points
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Apologies for not being able to get another photo, I clicked the exit button, but I hope this will be better then the on I posted yesterday.

-- Posted by TheDigi on 2017-03-16 11:54:34   Reply
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... I really don't understand Highscore's Voters sometimes... All your other submissions I had no problem with, yet they all recieved at least 1 No vote. Every single one of them. I get to this one and I see a problem and it doesn't have a NO vote on it... wow... Just. I'm voting YES anyway, because This Score is Very Possible and You posted many good believeable scores for this one to be the only fake. I think you made this honestly.

The problem I was talking about though is that you can't tell if you made this by yourself or with Friends. It is arguably easier to make a better score if not played in Single Player Mode. There isn't a way for us to tell if you played with only CPU's in this picture... I seriously doubt that you would go to the trouble of doing this for just this one record, but I feel the need to point it out since HS's Voting Community Sucks. This really is the last straw for me. I have seen all your good posts get downvoted for probably stupid reasons, and this one goes on without a Downvote... This doesn't make sense. It just further seems that it is a bunch of Trolls trying to undermine the site with random votes to piss everyone off. I stopped posting scores because of this...

Sorry for the rant. You deserve to better than this site, honestly. If you are interested in another Records site that I participate on, feel free to message me. There are more Records sites don't use a horrible system like the voting system here.

-- Posted by DarkEonMaster on 2017-03-19 14:56:41   Reply