Donkey Kong (Colecovision Emulated)

Score: 7,100
World Ranking: 9
Scored By: omargeddon (OFP)
92% Legit
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Donkey Kong 7,100 points
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Try double-tapping the d-pad when you climb; if you do it right, you'll climb up and down much faster.

-- Posted by DuggerVideoGames on 2017-06-26 02:23:34   Reply
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@DuggerVideoGames: Oh ok... thanks Dude... wow you Top Score!!!
-- Posted by omargeddon on 2017-06-26 09:22:18   Reply
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Yes vote from me. This is a fun port of DK.
-- Posted by Pjsteele on 2017-06-26 09:58:05   Reply
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@Pjsteele: Yeah great game, colecovision is a great game machine with good graphicos and sound .... for now it was my last game .. there are 2 or 3 people frustrated voting NO to all players
-- Posted by omargeddon on 2017-06-26 23:17:49   Reply