Double Dragon (Game Boy Emulated)

Score: 63,110
World Ranking: 4
Scored By: LarcenTyler (L T)
96% Legit
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Final score at 19:58.  However, it's only on screen for a couple of seconds so you will need to pause.

I've never done so well.  I've never made it to Mission 4 before!

-- Posted by LarcenTyler on 2017-09-23 18:15:23   Reply
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this game is both annoying and comical at the same time when the screen disappears so fast!  It reminds me of an old kung-fu movie that suddenly ends as soon as the bad duy dies...

-- Posted by S.BAZ on 2017-09-26 12:49:35   Reply
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The animation is a bit slow, not to mention the lack of checkpoints really hurts.

-- Posted by LarcenTyler on 2017-09-26 21:09:56   Reply