Sky Jinks: Game 4 (Atari 2600 Novice/B)

Score: 0:02:15.8
World Ranking: 2
Scored By: Liduario (Lid)
96% Legit
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Sky Jinks: Game 4 time of 0:02:15.8
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Wow, you beat my score by 12 seconds!??! This *is* game 4, right? With 99 pylons? Is there some trick here that you could send me? E-mail if you like, graywebster . at . ... I will hold off on voting here, because my run of 2min 27secs was pretty damn close to a perfect run if I remember correctly (ie. no crashes, almost all turns were cut close to the object). So unless emulation runs slower than the real hardware, I can't imagine how you did this! I would love to chat about your score if you don't mind e-mailing me :)

-- Posted by Gray on 2014-04-16 23:09:08   Reply
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And it isn't even a perfect run! Look here and see NorthcoasterGamer beated my time:

It's not enough to not crash, you need to keep the throttle! If I remember correct, there's only one pylon you really can't make without leaving throttle. I guess I had to make 3 turns without full throttle for this time (only left for a short time, of course).

-- Posted by Liduario on 2014-04-17 08:58:22   Reply
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By the way, with your time (2min 27 secs) you would finish only in 15th position in that HSC round!

-- Posted by Liduario on 2014-04-17 09:00:55   Reply
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I've just made a video and uploaded as evidence for my entry in the emulation area! It's only a 2:20 but with some crashes! I guess it's enough to show how much crazy you need to be as a racing pilot : )

-- Posted by Liduario on 2014-04-17 10:40:32   Reply
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^ Everything you say is correct smiley It's all about staying on the throttle ... The problem I have is hitting the damn balloons, they ALWAYS seem to mess up my turns. Anyway nice score; I'll keep practicing until I can take you down my friend cheeky

-- Posted by Gray on 2014-04-17 18:07:17   Reply
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As a friend once said, who had the brilliant idea to organize a ballon festival during an airplane race? Anyway, it's a fun game and I'm waiting for you.

-- Posted by Liduario on 2014-04-17 22:30:12   Reply