Asteroids: Advanced (Atari 7800 Emulated)

Score: 33,200
World Ranking: Removed
Scored By: oyamafamily (WTO)
75% Legit
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Before voting NO on my score, check the URL:

The winner on Asteroids Advanced is Dr. Moocowz, who scored 43270 points. TOP 3 scores in the last Asteroids contest:

  1. Dr Moocowz  43270 RECORD BREAKER
  2. NIKON 38540 
  3. oyamafamily 33200

The moderator NIKON considered my score BELIEVABLE!

-- Posted by oyamafamily on 2018-02-12 05:35:36   Reply
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How many no’s?

-- Posted by derek on 2018-02-12 06:53:35   Reply
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Yes here
-- Posted by Pjsteele on 2018-02-12 08:24:32   Reply
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looks good to me !  yes

-- Posted by S.BAZ on 2018-02-12 12:45:02   Reply
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Yes to this and your other recent scores!

-- Posted by Pitfall75 on 2018-02-12 18:23:45   Reply
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Yes for me

-- Posted by Larquey on 2018-02-16 13:23:52   Reply