Worm Whomper (Intellivision)

Score: 409,419
World Ranking: Removed
Scored By: IntyFanMatt (MV)
80% Legit
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Worm Whomper 409,419 points
Worm Whomper 409,419 points
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1st Yes vote on my score please that needs one more vote at: http://highscore.com/scores/TI994AEmulated/DigDug/97704

-- Posted by NamcoPlayer on 2020-08-22 15:04:26   Reply
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Thank you, and I have already voted on your Dig Dug score.

-- Posted by IntyFanMatt on 2020-08-22 15:05:59   Reply
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Oh, okay then.

-- Posted by NamcoPlayer on 2020-08-22 15:52:25   Reply
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YES vote from me.


Please could you have a look at some of my scores and vote on them, thanks.

-- Posted by Zeus1 on 2020-08-22 18:21:01   Reply
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Yes from me!
-- Posted by galaxian77 on 2020-08-23 08:32:16   Reply
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Thank you!

-- Posted by IntyFanMatt on 2020-08-23 15:06:17   Reply
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Vote yes!

-- Posted by BabofetH on 2020-08-27 01:54:10   Reply