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Sweater? OK! time of 0:04:05
Sweater? OK! time of 0:04:05
Sweater? OK! time of 0:04:05
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Sweater? OK!; PC (Steam); Time (Longest). Far Right Column.

Final Screenshot: Taken while the game was still in action. I'm the green square sitting on the red x, upper left on Grid.

I submitted 2 requests for this game. One for Points (Highest), and one for Time (Longest). I was told that the Points chart was processed, but I've only been able to find the one for Time.

This is a very inexpensive (.49 cents), yet highly addictive, Snake type game played on a Grid. The Snakes are made up of buttons. If you can get to them fast enough, while they're forming, you can eat them. At all other times you cannot eat the buttons, in fact their touch is deadly.

When I first started playing this game it was with a Keyboard. I was barely surviving over a minute. But I discovered that it does have Controller support (Steam and XBox 360), I had to flip the Compatibility Switch from # to O (on the back of the Controller) to get it to work though. Doing that made the Xbox 360 Controller work with this game. I did have to switch it back to # for it to work with EMU7800.

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Yes on all Mark :)
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Yes on all

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Yes Votes!

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