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Neo Geo

Game Score Category User
Aero Fighters 2 / Sonic Wings 2 1,250,400 Neo Geo kollision
Aero Fighters 3 / Sonic Wings 3 139,200 Neo Geo coycypert
Alpha Mission II 80,500 Neo Geo coycypert
Andro Dunos 1,607,940 Neo Geo kollision
Bang Bead 28,350 Neo Geo coycypert
Blazing Star 29,559,450 Neo Geo kollision
Bust A Move / Puzzle Bobble 20,642,310 Neo Geo Shawne25
Ganryu 18,060 Neo Geo coycypert
Ironclad 1,465,600 Neo Geo kollision
Last Resort 403,900 Neo Geo kollision
Metal Slug 349,810 Neo Geo o1s1n
Metal Slug 2 509,370 Neo Geo coycypert
Metal Slug 3 55,730 Neo Geo coycypert
Metal Slug 4 68,450 Neo Geo coycypert
Metal Slug X 1,377,800 Neo Geo coycypert
Prehistoric Isle 2 52,785,000 Neo Geo kollision
Strikers 1945 Plus 226,900 Neo Geo JES
Twinkle Star Sprites 1,131,300 Neo Geo kollision
Viewpoint 1,479,230 Neo Geo kollision
Zed Blade 3,056,050 Neo Geo kollision