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Game Score Category User
Bashi Blocks: Zone 1 164,516 PSP Emulated Sixx
Bomberman [Normal Game / Stage 1-1 Start] 32,800 PSP Emulated GTibel
Capcom Classics Collection Remixed: Bionic Commando [Normal: Normal / 3 lives] 38,950 PSP Emulated GTibel
Mega minis Volume 2: Coconut Dodge 148,726 PSP Emulated Sixx
SNK Arcade Classics 0: Ikari Warriors 146,300 PSP Emulated ILLSeaBass
SNK Arcade Classics 0: Tank 85,250 PSP Emulated ILLSeaBass
Super Stardust Portable: Arcade [Casual] 44,945,915 PSP Emulated Sixx
Ultimate Ghosts'n Goblins [Novice] 402,600 PSP Emulated Sixx