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TI 99/4A

Game Score Category User
Alpiner 28,305 TI 99/4A 8bitDeity
Anteater 14,105 TI 99/4A 8bitDeity
Barrage 558,130 TI 99/4A iwantgames
Buck Rogers 31,938 TI 99/4A 8bitDeity
Burger Builder 9,200 TI 99/4A 8bitDeity
BurgerTime 475,750 TI 99/4A kamakazi20012
Car Wars: Skill 1 21,790 TI 99/4A RedMage
Car Wars: Skill 1-2 7,240 TI 99/4A Frankie
Car Wars: Skill 1-3 4,000 TI 99/4A Frankie
Centipede 19,280 TI 99/4A darrin9999
Chicken Coop 6,300 TI 99/4A 8bitDeity
Chisholm Trail: Day 1 Start 16,450 TI 99/4A Samhain2099
Defender 74,000 TI 99/4A jfetzer
Dig Dug 31,840 TI 99/4A 8bitDeity
Donkey Kong 128,100 TI 99/4A Samhain2099
Frogger 17,130 TI 99/4A jfetzer
Hopper 16,950 TI 99/4A 8bitDeity
Hustle [Countdown: Amateur] 18,100 TI 99/4A Frankie
Hustle [Countdown: Hustler] 19,900 TI 99/4A Frankie
Hustle [Countdown: Novice] 29,800 TI 99/4A Frankie
Hustle [Countup: Amateur] 8,700 TI 99/4A Frankie
Hustle [Countup: Hustler] 6,400 TI 99/4A Frankie
Hustle [Countup: Novice] 9,500 TI 99/4A Frankie
Hustle [Normal: Amateur] 14,900 TI 99/4A Frankie
Hustle [Normal: Hustler] 11,600 TI 99/4A Frankie
Hustle [Normal: Novice] 20,300 TI 99/4A Frankie
Jawbreaker II 16,775 TI 99/4A 8bitDeity
Jumpy 21,000 TI 99/4A 8bitDeity
Jungle Hunt 7,500 TI 99/4A RedMage
Junkman Junior 7,175 TI 99/4A 8bitDeity
Mad Marvin's Great Escape 86,900 TI 99/4A 8bitDeity
Micro Pinball 112,900 TI 99/4A iwantgames
Midnite Mason 7,880 TI 99/4A 8bitDeity
Miner 2049er 6,055 TI 99/4A 8bitDeity
Moon Mine 10,690 TI 99/4A cncfreak
Moon Patrol 23,050 TI 99/4A RedMage
Mr. Chin [Skill 1] 53,200 TI 99/4A 8bitDeity
Ms. Pac-Man 39,980 TI 99/4A Frankie
Munch Man 147,160 TI 99/4A RedMage
Munch Man II: The Monster is Back 189,660 TI 99/4A RedMage
Never-Lander 147,860 TI 99/4A cncfreak
Nibbler 5,364 TI 99/4A cncfreak
Pac-Man 14,190 TI 99/4A cncfreak
Parsec 77,000 TI 99/4A RedMage
Popeye 66,060 TI 99/4A jfetzer
Q*Bert 11,800 TI 99/4A cncfreak
Road Hunter 10,250 TI 99/4A cncfreak
Rotor Raiders [Level 1 Start] 16,080 TI 99/4A 8bitDeity
Shamus 3,000 TI 99/4A cncfreak
Skyway 1,031 TI 99/4A 8bitDeity
Super Demon Attack 4,800 TI 99/4A jfetzer
The Attack [Novice] 67,850 TI 99/4A Frankie
The Attack [Pro] 31,100 TI 99/4A Frankie
TI Invaders 9,127 TI 99/4A RedMage
TI Invaders [Downright Nasty] 4,570 TI 99/4A Frankie
TI Scramble 23,130 TI 99/4A jfetzer
Tombstone City: 21st Century 58,150 TI 99/4A 8bitDeity
Tombstone City: 21st Century [Level 2: Master] 17,950 TI 99/4A 8bitDeity
Tombstone City: 21st Century [Level 3: Insane] 18,450 TI 99/4A Frankie