Blazing Star (Arcade)

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Blazing Star 561,570 points
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I think that you have this one filed in the wrong category. I think that this would classify as Arcade.

-- Posted by FosterAMF on 2014-06-13 22:58:38   Reply
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@FosterAMF: Since it's not a blazing star PCB standalone game, and is a 4-slot MVS board with a cart inserted I figured it should not be arcade. Basically there needs to be a neo Geo MVS and aes separate categories. But then it is a physical board running a physical PCB cart, basically the same as a standalone arcade. Been posting in neo Geo instead of arcade because of the removable game cartridge issue. But would rather call it arcade to tell the truth.
-- Posted by coycypert on 2014-06-13 23:20:15   Reply
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Technically played on a NeoGeo Arcade cabinet. If it was a NeoGeo console, I'd put it under such. But this should be labeled as Arcade.
-- Posted by MegaRetroMan on 2014-06-13 23:52:13   Reply
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Neo Geo is an interesting system that makes it hard to classify.

There's Neo Geo AES (the cartridge-based home console), Neo Geo MVS (the arcade system, often converted into a SuperGun-like console these days), Neo Geo CD, and now Neo Geo X (which is more like a Retron-type emulator system than a real console, based on my understanding).

I'm going to move this to Arcade, since that's where you guys feel it should go.


-- Posted by Serious on 2014-06-14 14:18:13   Reply