DoDonPachi (Arcade Emulated / M.A.M.E.)

Score: 6,489,740
World Ranking: 13
Scored By: mkpictures (MKP)
92% Legit
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DoDonPachi 6,489,740 points
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Best SHMUP ever? I suck at it tho.. Nice score!
-- Posted by Sixx on 2014-04-03 00:07:34   Reply
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Haha, yep, it's a really great game. I didn't remember it was that difficult before realizing it's almost impossible to finish stage 3 without the powerups xD So yeah, I'll need to work it, I want to have at least 10M and go to stage 4 \o/
-- Posted by mkpictures on 2014-04-06 07:34:27   Reply
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Very good score on this really difficult game.
-- Posted by Larquey on 2014-04-14 14:14:25   Reply