Dragon Defender (Atari 2600 Emulated Novice/B Mode)

Score: 250,300
World Ranking: Removed
Scored By: oyamafamily (WTO)
90% Legit
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For this submission, I used the NTSC version of Dragon Defender. The ROM used is a Homebrew - NTSC Conversion by Thomas Jentzsch (as presented at the opening of this video). This game was published originally by Ariola (Europe in PAL format) and Rainbow Vision (Australia in PAL format).
-- Posted by oyamafamily on 2013-10-25 17:20:51   Reply
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There are only 4 levels in this game - the fourth is the most difficult because of low visibility. Each time you complete 10,000 points, you progress to the next level and get a bonus life (8 lives is the maximum).
-- Posted by oyamafamily on 2013-10-25 17:25:13   Reply