Xevious: Advanced (Atari 7800)

Score: 197,960
World Ranking: 2
Scored By: iamthefallen1 (F1)
96% Legit
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One more suggestion to post scores here: JR. PAC-MAN for Atari 7800 - I can ser the cartridge!
-- Posted by oyamafamily on 2016-08-13 04:22:24   Reply
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I've been playing it but my scores aren't good. Yet. 

-- Posted by iamthefallen1 on 2016-08-13 14:04:39   Reply
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for some reason i couldn't get the Genesis controller to work on a 7800.

-- Posted by S.BAZ on 2016-08-14 11:16:07   Reply
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I'm not sure if it has anything to do with what kind of 7800 you have. Mine isn't the oldest 7800, the one that can play Robot Tank. Maybe they can't handle a Genesis controller? Just a guess. I've been using an Edladdin Genesis-to-7800 adapter so the C button runs the right fire button and the B button runs the left fire button. 

I had an off-brand Genesis pad that didn't work. The one I use is a standard official Genesis pad. I use it mostly to preserve the authentic 7800 controllers I have. I didn't want to ruin them playing the Atari olympic games. 

-- Posted by iamthefallen1 on 2016-08-14 15:17:21   Reply
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oh, interesting, I'll have to try Robot Tank on that.  sounds like it's either that or I need an adapter.

I'm liking that Jr. Pac too  :)

-- Posted by S.BAZ on 2016-08-15 11:51:58   Reply
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On a Genesis pad, the B button will act as the fire button for the 2600. 

I have an Edladdin adapter for the few 7800 games that use both buttons. On that, the C button acts as the right fire button and the B button acts as the left fire button. Best $25 I ever spent. 

-- Posted by iamthefallen1 on 2016-08-27 18:50:11   Reply