Monkey Academy (MSX Emulated)

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Monkey Academy 319,410 points
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The Evident Video is uploading to Youtube right now. But I have problems with the rendering, so I hope it will work, otherwise please wait with your voting, until the video evident is uploaded correctly.

Iam very new to rendering and the blueMSX Emulator that I used to play and record is also very new to me.

I don't know why, but even the sound is missing in the video, and I can't upload the ".cap" File can I ?, that is the recorded file before rendering.


I rendered with Xvid codec but like I said, Iam a novice to this.




I played it always with level 5, just to my preference.

You get in that game a new life every 20.000 or 30.000 Points, but only three at a time can be shown on display.

Excuse my english please !



-- Posted by SandyJasminBlossom on 2018-07-12 15:38:14   Reply
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I spot-checked the video for any edits but didn't run across any. 


1) Set your initials on the highscore site. 

2) Videos are more likely to be helpfull if it has sound. As you mentioned you had problems in that area. Understood. Your User name and Set initials should be seen somewhere in the video either on the score screen (if the game has that feature), or on a note or placard in the video.  For example, my User name is Mark and I saved my Set initals as MSH. So for games that allow it, I save my score under MarkMSH. If it allows for initals only, I enter MSH. When the game doesn't have either option, I display a sign that reads MarkMSH.

3) I didn't notice if you played multiple runs of the game in the same video. If so, note the time index (running time)  where the run starts and ends.

4) If the game is played on a console or handheld, it is helpful to take and post photos of the console, game, and difficulty setting. 

I'm skipping for now.

-- Posted by Mark on 2018-07-13 00:38:44   Reply
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Thanks for the advices, I will heed to them! 

That MSX Games don't always have a highscore list, where I can set my Initials. Some have, but they are just few.

I could load the screenshot in paint and  add my Initials manualy. But wouldn't that count as edited or cheated evidence?  And for the Video, i would have to load it after some hours of rendering in windows video maker or so, and then try to add it, but then rendering again for hours. Or is there a shortcut?  An easier way?  Sorry for my novicedom.

But thank'ee ahead.

And I'll heed thine words and try to do it next time!  ????

-- Posted by SandyJasminBlossom on 2018-07-13 08:16:52   Reply
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I made another video for another highscore, in bank panic, and I made it with a real camera, filming the tv screen with a hanwritten not of my UserName and Initials. It is currently uploading on youtube. With sound!.  Now I got the hang of it. :-)


Maybe I will break my Monkey Academy Highscore too and film it with a real camera too. But for now I made my Score with this currently evidences!  I hope you believe me, that I didn't cheat. There would be no point in cheating, because the thrill and feeling when you break the highscore honestly is fantastic. CHEATER SUCKS AND STINKS

-- Posted by SandyJasminBlossom on 2018-07-13 12:32:03   Reply
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-- Posted by Mark on 2018-07-14 22:40:20   Reply