Bomberman [Any Tactics] (NES/Famicom Emulated)

Score: 999,999,900
World Ranking: 1
Scored By: darknight (SC)
92% Legit
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the trick here is to kill multiple enemies at the same time, generating therefore high combo points that could reach up to 800,000, but bombing the exit, 10 enemies will attack you simultaneously and die simultaneously

PS: having the flame proof powerup is essential to be invulnerable to your own bombs

in the video, the score looks like it has dropped down from 997,xxx,xxx to 900,xxx,xxx

this is because that's the capacity of the score meter, 9 digits only, so technically, the score achieved here is over 1,000,000,000, but taking into account the digit's limitation, the highest score would be 999,999,900

-- Posted by darknight on 2015-09-03 17:52:41   Reply
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how to correct it?

-- Posted by darknight on 2015-09-03 18:50:47   Reply