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Friend ... the speed of your game is altered? you know what I mean
-- Posted by omargeddon on 2017-05-12 19:51:05   Reply
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I test the same game right now .. you give him the option speed hacks ???
-- Posted by omargeddon on 2017-05-12 19:52:58   Reply
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Anyway.... yes vote here ;)
-- Posted by omargeddon on 2017-05-12 20:22:36   Reply
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Tks for the vote friend! I used the default settings. The altered speed is an effect of my "excellent" screen recorder...smiley

-- Posted by jmaio on 2017-05-13 12:43:16   Reply
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I'm not familiar with the 'newer' consoles.

But you receive my yes, as you vote for me,too.

-- Posted by MangiaBoy on 2017-05-13 13:47:11   Reply
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-- Posted by jmaio on 2017-05-13 16:07:38   Reply
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Try OBS Studio for recording. If you play with it a bit, you should be able to get decent video recordings and not 3 FPS as this current app is doing.

-- Posted by ILLSeaBass on 2017-05-15 00:02:23   Reply
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I tried to dowload OBS and does not work in my PC.

Tks again.

-- Posted by jmaio on 2017-05-20 15:18:28   Reply
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@jmaio: Yeah. Obs is cpu power hungry. I also use BACH recording software with my webcam. Less cpu hungry. You can find on YouTube the key if required. Cheers
-- Posted by GTibel on 2017-05-23 12:31:09   Reply
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@GTibel: Sorry .. damn autocorrection.... It's NCH and not Bach.
-- Posted by GTibel on 2017-05-23 12:32:22   Reply
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Tks again GTibel! I will try NCH too!


-- Posted by jmaio on 2017-05-27 14:41:13   Reply