Sonic Chaos (Sega Master System)

Score: 254,960
World Ranking: 2
Scored By: stika
96% Legit
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Sonic Chaos 254,960 points
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Unfortunately I took the picture too soon while the counter was still running, hence the blurriness. Technically my final score was higher than number I've i've added but oh well.
-- Posted by stika on 2014-03-21 18:48:56   Reply
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IF you guys think this screenshot is too fishy let me know, I also took a picture of the previous level (where the scores are lower of course :\)
-- Posted by stika on 2014-03-22 07:27:23   Reply
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I prefer the original Sonic to this one. Anyway, voted you up.
-- Posted by Gray on 2014-04-01 08:24:44   Reply
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I actually like this one better over Sonic 1 and 2 on the master system. A shame this one suffers from massive slowdown though
-- Posted by stika on 2014-04-01 09:15:27   Reply