Root Beer Tapper (Xbox 360)

Score: 58,525
World Ranking: Removed
Scored By: LittleJester (JEF)
96% Legit
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Improved over previous attempt that was even not yet accepted to the site yet.

Single run this time, although there was glitch at the start of the run. So went to reset inmediatly.

Played less stressed compared to last time. Reached Alien bar.. Then I lost it.... :P

Nowhere near my old high still....

-- Posted by LittleJester on 2016-01-26 02:48:04   Reply
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Wonder if I should start farming more on each level. That'll get me easier towards something like

-- Posted by LittleJester on 2016-01-26 02:52:09   Reply
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So that's the Alien Bar!

Very cool!

Great video setup!

-- Posted by nads on 2016-01-26 04:02:22   Reply
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Hehe as requested smiley

Thanks man. Cheers!

-- Posted by LittleJester on 2016-01-26 09:24:30   Reply